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ECMP 455 Wrap-Up: Major Project (Funding The Fight)


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For anyone who has read my blog before during the last three months of the semester, Funding The Fight should be a very familiar name. My ECMP 455 class required me to create a major project of my choice to commit to for the entire semester. After reading through the list of options provided in the courses syllabus, there were many options which appealed to me. When Lacey and I heard that no one had previously attempted crowd-funding as a project for the class, we jumped at the opportunity. We could only image how well it would have turned out!

FTFWe managed to bring in a final total of $1,240 to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically for melanoma research! Once this project was complete, it was easy for me to reflect back on what all Lacey and I had accomplished. Networking was one of the clear influences on the success for this project. After establishing our fundraiser page (including a custom logo and domain name), I began reaching out for supporters. While this started with a very small group of people within our class, sharing on Twitter allowed for our initiative to reach indescribable distances. On a larger local-level, I was able to successfully reach out to multiple MLAs in Regina and Premier Brad Wall. While this didn’t have the result I hoped for, it still added a sense of legitimacy to our cause!

Overall, I am very happy with what we accomplished! This is a cause which is very close to my heart, and I have no regrets. I look forward to attempting projects similar to this in the future!

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