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Foundation: The Story Behind Your Favourite Sites



As I have posted about several times before, one of my favourite ways to past the time is by watching and listening to podcasts. As I continue to expand my knowledge of technologies and their many uses, I have become obsessed with one of my long-time subscriptions: Foundation. Foundation is hosted by Kevin Rose (shown below), an investor and founder of sites such as Digg and Revision3, and it involves Rose sitting down and learning about the history of many of the world’s most popular websites, apps and businesses.

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I have posted about this fantastic podcast once before. While in ECMP 355 with Dean Shareski, one of our lessons involved learning about creating and page – find mine here. To supplement my learning about this tool, I made a post about the history of through a Foundation interview with Tony Conrad.

Now I am deciding to share some of my favourite stories about some of my favourite technologies with you! If you ever need a brain-break from your work or want to pass the time, I suggest watching some of these videos!


Jack Dorsey – Creator of Twitter

Twitter is easily the most frequently used application on my phone, as I check it numerous times throughout the day. In the inaugural episode of Foundation, Kevin Rose takes us into the history of Twitter.



Chad Hurley – Co-Founder of YouTube

Let’s be honest, I’m quite certain that everyone has a soft-spot for YouTube. Whether you’re looking for a video to show in class or wasting hours watching cat videos, it is one of the greatest services available!


Kevin Systrom – Founder of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, playing host to over 100 million active users.


Phil Libin – CEO of Evernote

Evernote is one of the newest technologies that I learned about in this class. Find my thoughts here.


If you do happen to watch any of these videos, please let me know what you think! Also, I’d be interested to know from any readers what sites they use frequently and wanted to know they history of! Drop a comment below!


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