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Funding The Fight – Update #5



With two weeks to go in our fundraiser, I am excited to announce that we have surpassed our goal of $1000 and we are currently sitting at $1100!

After several slower weeks of not having many donations coming in, we had a flood of donations arrive over this past week. As this project winds down, Lacey and I have decided that we will continue to collect donations for two more weeks. After that, we will go to the Canadian Cancer Society location in Regina and donate the money to go towards melanoma research.

As always, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share links and kind words, and make donations! Every dollar counts and we are confident that we will now be able to reach our new goal of $1500!

Find us on Twitter: @FundingTheFight, @Matt_Giesbrecht, and @LaceyEuteneier

Find our donation page at



  1. Wow Matt this is truly amazing! My friend recently started a fundraiser with all proceeds going to cancer research as well. She had a group of us babysit for families at the daycare we all work at and all the money that we received from the parents for their “night out” will be donated. The action you and my friend have taken is inspiring! Great work!!

  2. kaelyweir says:

    Hey Matt! I have so very impressed with the Funding the Fight project and I have been so excited throughout this journey. I think what you have accomplished through your blogging and fundraising is truly inspiring! Way to go!

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