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New Technologies: IFTTT and Evernote


IFTTT Evernote

As my journey to learn about new technologies moves forward, I’ve recently looked into two new apps: If This Then That and Evernote.

If This Then That – or IFTTT – is a service which allows for connections to be made between many different apps, websites, and devices. These connections, known as Recipes, are composed of two ingredients: Triggers and Actions. A Trigger is the This part of the recipe. An example of this would be “When I take a picture on my iPhone…” The That aspect of the recipe comes from the Action. With the previously mentioned Trigger, a likely Action may be “… send the photo to my e-mail.” With the many channels that are available to the app, there are a nearly endless number of recipes for your digital cookbook.

The second app, Evernote, is a product that focuses on bookmarking and note taking. There are many different types of notes that can be put into the app, including webpages, photos, or voice memos. In my limited experience in using Evernote, I have used it as a reading list for various blogs that I read on the Internet.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that I see for these two separate apps is their ability to be used together. With using IFTTT, I created two recipes which had the actions conclude in Evernote. The first recipe that I made was “If I favourite a tweet on Twitter, add it to Evernote.” This allows me to create a reading list for articles on Twitter that I may have passed over while quickly scrolling through. My second recipe was “Add breaking news about (sport) from ESPN to Evernote.” This would allow me to get a quick update on important news that was happening in certain sports that I follow by jumping into Evernote and scanning through my notes. While this initially seemed like a good idea, I soon had to turn off Push Notifications on my iPhone to stop myself from getting spoiled in events that I was waiting to see.

Overall, I am really enjoying these two apps. If anyone reading this uses IFTTT and has recipes that they find useful, I’d love to learn about them! I look forward to exploring new recipes and combinations in IFTTT and finding new uses for Evernote.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these resources Matt! I have heard lots of people reference Evernote but never fully understood what it was capable of so I appreciate your research. I hope to try it out for myself and see if it is something I would find beneficial for my own use.

  2. These sound so cool and useful! Thanks for sharing how they are used and how you have used them. I also hope to try out these two resources to see if they will be useful!

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