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How Well Do You Know Technology?


Computer Code

I recently stumbled across an article by the LA Times that immediately grabbed my attention. The article, written by Salvador Rodriguez, is entitled Study Suggests 1 In 10 Americans Think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Naturally, after first reading this I was very surprised by the title and decided to read further. What I found in the article was equal parts humourous and surprising. Some of the main findings in the study, conducted by website, found the following information, based on a survey of nearly 2,400 Americans:

  • 23% of respondents thought that “MP3″ was a robot in Star Wars.
  • 27% thought a “gigabyte” was an insect commonly found in South America.
  • 18% said that a “blu-ray” is a marine animal.
  • 42% said that a “motherboard” is the deck of a cruise ship.
  • 12% thought “USB” was a nickname for a European Country.

While I do find some of these statistics entertaining, I hope that what I am learning in this class and my previous knowledge to educate my students and have them be more informed.

I’m curious as to whether or not there are any other technological terms that readers of this may have encountered before and had no idea what it meant or created a fictitious meaning to try and get by. Feel free to leave any examples in the comments!

Photo Credit: Alexandra Cabrer Garforth


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