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Full-Time Student, Part-Time DJ…



One of the major events that take place in Regina every year is the Z99 Radiothon. The Radiothon is an annual event held in Regina to raise funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This week, Ruth Pawson School, the school where I completed my internship, is holding a series of fundraisers to support the Z99 Radiothon.

The students have been hard at work holding events such as loose change collection and a pancake breakfast. Today the students are holding their biggest event: a school-wide dance. And as luck would have it, the DJ for this event is myself.

Now, although I consider myself to be well-educated with the current music playing on the radio today, I have absolutely no idea what kind of music pre-teens listen to on a regular basis. To help with this, I had the students on the Student Representative Council create a list of suggestion for me to give me a better idea. After filtering through the list to get rid of songs that would be considered NSFS (Not Safe For… School?) I know have a computer full of One Direction and other music that I would never regularly have on my computer.

With the task of creating a set list complete, I needed to find a program to play these songs. With always trying to build my technological library, I decided to look beyond the simple iTunes playlist plugged into the stereo. Some searching brought me to a program called MIXXX.


MIXXX is a free DJ software program that is very easy to use. I was easily able to create a playlist in iTunes, copy it into MIXXX, and then begin designing the set. There are many options for effects to apply to the music being played including pitch, speed, and repeated sections. The program allows for two songs to be cued up simultaneously and the crossfader allows for the songs to be transitioned seamlessly. Lastly, and perhaps the best feature, is that the two decks feature turntables which lets the user scratch the tracks as if they were real records.

Based on what I have experienced with the program, I would definitely recommend MIXXX for anyone looking for a free program to play with their music and have fun with the different tools that a real DJ may have.

Now let’s just hope the kids like my music…

Photo credit: Abdulghani Alsooqi


1 Comment

  1. Kendra Finch says:

    Good luck DJing Matt !! I hope they like your music choices. I will remember this program for the future if I am ever organizing a school dance.

    Have fun!!

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