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Funding The Fight – Update #4


FTF #4

Although I needed to take a few weeks off from promoting mine and Lacey’s ECMP 455 final project to focus on other major school assignments, the fundraiser is still going strong! Up to this point, we have managed to raise over $700! As the semester begins to come to a close, we are optimistic that we will be able to break $1000 at the time that classes end.

A major lesson that I learned over the past few weeks is that it is very important to network when tackling a project such as this. Based on the advice of our instructor, Alec Couros, I began to reach out to local politicians for help. After sending out dozens of emails to local MLAs and MPs, I managed to make contact with a few notable individuals. Those willing to lend a hand with promoting include Mark Docherty (MLA – Regina Coronation Park), Trent Wotherspoon (MLA – Regina Rosemont), and Premier Brad Wall. After initially reaching out to them, Mr. Docherty and Mr. Wotherspoon were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to talk with me over the phone and learn more about the cause. Mr. Wall was kind enough to send me a very encouraging letter of support. All three of these individuals were willing to help us out with promotion over Twitter to get the word out.

I am very grateful for the help that I was able to acquire in this initiative and look forward to hopefully reaching out to more people willing to help.

As always, we are always looking for people to spread the word and donate to our cause. Please find our webpage at to donate and follow us on Twitter at @FundingTheFight!


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  1. beccafroese says:

    Wow! This is incredible, amazing what technology can do hey? Great Work Matt!

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