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Funding The Fight – Update #3


FTF Week 3

Three weeks down and I’m continuing to be impressed by our fundraising efforts. After reaching nearly $300 last week, this week we surged forward to raise another $300!

The focus for this last week continued to be online promotion and word-of-mouth networking. This allowed us to reach many more personal connections. The goal this week is to get the word out through advertising. With the poster that Lacey made, we have managed to have several shared around the University of Regina campus. Our hope with this is that if students and faculty around the university see that this is for a school project, then it will successfully bring in more donations!

Regardless of how far this fundraiser progresses from this point, I am 110% satisfied in what we have been able to achieve. With many more weeks to go before the semester is over, I can only imagine what new heights we will reach.

As always, all donations can be given through!


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