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Funding The Fight – Update #2


Update 2

As the second week of our fundraiser comes to a close, I am happy to announce that we have now passed $300! This is truly something incredible that I could only dream of!

With the initial focus being on building a social network through Facebook and Twitter, the focus now shifts to a local level. The goal for this next week is to gather word of mouth recognition for the cause. At the end of our class this week, our instructor Alec Couros agreed to pass our Funding the Fight poster around campus with his colleagues. This is the kind of attention that we need to continue raising money for this cause. To add to the personal connections, I have reached out to my family through their collective website hoping to gain some more donations.

I am confident that this week will be the week that this fundraiser really takes off. Please follow us on our social networks and spread the word! Every donation counts!


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  1. beccafroese says:

    Wow! This is amazing, congratulations!

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