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Funding The Fight – A Crowd-Based Fundraising Initiative


Funding The Fight Logo

For my final project for ECMP 455, Lacey Euteneier and I have decided to embark on a journey that instructor Alec Couros claims has never been attempted before: a crowd-funded endeavour. How could we possibly pass up on the opportunity to do something so bold? To blaze new trails? To go where no student has gone bef-… Alright, that was a little over the top, but I am genuinely excited for what is about to take place.

As I mentioned in my Internship Reflections, my Dad unfortunately passed away after a brief, yet intense, battle with cancer before I began my internship. Over the course of a month, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma and passed away. Because of this, we have decided to put our minds together and create an online fundraiser to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically for melanoma research.


And it is with great pleasure I now present to you: Funding The Fight!

Funding The Fight is a crowd-based fundraiser through In a few short days – when the PayPal account is confirmed – we will be able to get donations through the website. Many steps have been taken at this point to prepare for the fundraiser: a logo was designed, a domain was purchased, a Twitter handle was established, and a Facebook page was created. I am getting very excited to see where this venture goes! More updates on the fundraiser’s progress will be available as it continues to develop.

For more information, you follow Funding The Fight at the following locations:






  1. @mattgiessbrecht I think this is an awesome project and I would love to support you in any way possible. I look forward to hearing more about this project.

  2. This sounds like a really cool and exciting idea. If you need help with anything I’d be more than willing to do so. I have a few friends who are journalists that might be able to write something about this.

    All the best,
    Fellow ECMP 355 student.

    • That would be fantastic! Right now we’re just working on getting the word out there and securing the first donations. There are numerous avenues for contact with this project including Facebook (, Twitter (, and email ( Thanks for the kind words!

  3. kelseywilk says:

    This is such a great way to celebrate your fathers life! I would love to help spread the word and see your journey through this! Great ida

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