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Who Do I Want To Be?


NOTE: The video included in this post contains language which may be considered inappropriate to some.

This week, I picked up Language Arts as my newest subject during my internship. Over the next few weeks, including my three-week block, I plan on completing a poetry unit with my students. As I have explained in many previous posts, poetry is one of my greatest passions. Being able to convey a story on an extremely intimate and personal level is something that only poetry can accomplish.

In the unit I am preparing for my students, we are going to be using the resource My Choice, My Voice. While this resource does incorporate poetry quite well, there are also many other dimensions to using this book. The guiding question throughout this book is Who do I want to be? In our first day using the book, I had students write this question in their workbooks before anything else. My reason for doing this is so that the students know right away that this is what we will be focusing on. Whenever the students open their books, this will be the first thing they will see.

After having students record in their workbooks who in their life they look up to and why, I began to explain this question to the students. I needed to explain to the students that Who do I want to be? is very different than What do I want to be? After completing the lesson I began to think, Who do I want to be as a teacher? As I begin to build relationships with my students and staff, and develop myself as an educator, I am becoming more aware that I need to begin to shape myself as a professional in preparing for my future career.

While searching for possible videos to show during my poetry unit, I came across this poem by Justin Lamb titled Sweaty Teacher. Although this is definitely how I wish to be viewed by my co-workers and students, I did find it rather humourous. Lamb’s account of how he was always viewed as the teacher that sweats a lot is a great example of how every teacher has that one thing that stands out to those around them. As I continue with the second half of my internship, I know I will without a doubt find what makes me who I am as a teacher. Whether or not I realize this identity tomorrow or on the last day of my internship, I am excited to find out where the blend happens between Who I want to be and Who I am.



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