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Social Learning Review


What Did I Learn From Others?

I feel that throughout the course of this ECMP355 class, I feel that I have learned much more from others than I might have in a traditional classroom setting. On a daily basis, I would check-in on the Reader of the ECMP355 Spring Home Page and see what my classmates felt like sharing. Based on the work that I witnessed from my classmates, I learned that YouTube can be an extremely useful tool for sharing interesting ideas. YouTube, as it turns out, is more than just adorable cat videos and a way to be distracted from doing homework.  Over the semester, my classmates have shared numerous videos, including many TedTalks, which were very thought provoking. I also learned that through the ideas that my colleagues were sharing, I discovered many new individuals who shared the same interests as me. As an example, one of my favourite posts came from my classmate Brittney Evans who shared a poem entitled, When I Have A Daughter. This told me that there are others who see poetry as a great educational tool like I do. By taking this class, I was able to learn many new facts about my classmates that I had not learned over the past several years of knowing them.

With the help of my classmates, I was able to learn much more about technology in the classroom that was solely delivered through the course content. Since our class was filled with such a diverse group of learners, I was able to secure new knowledge from a variety of life paths. Having classmates who are currently employed as teachers gave a whole new avenue of experience of what did and did not work for them in the field. This was a great balance from myself and the students who were are nearing the starting point of our careers.

Finally, the experts who were brought in by Dean had a great impact on me in terms of what I learned from this class. Some of my personal highlights included George Couros who taught us about the importance of our digital identity. Another was Alan Levine who opened my eyes to a wide range of technology-based writing tasks. Using the teachings of these two, as well as the many others, allowed me to see my classmates’ creativity when it comes to technology. I now have a much greater knowledge to take forward thanks to my peers.

What Did I Contribute?

In terms of my contributions to the class, this came in many forms. First, I completed all my tasks as thoroughly as I felt that I could. I would always endeavour to learn new ways to use technology and implement them into my blog posts. Aside from the Tech Tasks, I also chose to do my own personal blogging on my site. Since I chose to not do the Profile assignment, I made sure to write at least three blog posts a week. These blogs posts stemmed from my own personal interests including podcasting, technologies I am interested in, and videos that I found particularly thought-provoking. When posting a blog, I also found it important to share on my Twitter to credit those mentioned in the posts and get my content out to the widest audience possible.

Aside from posting to my blog, I always made sure to read what my classmates posted. As mentioned, I would read through the homepage of the class website to see what others had to share. Although it would not always happen, I would try to make an attempt to comment on what they shared in order to provide my thoughts. On the opposite end, when a classmate would comment on my post, I would reply to their comment soon after. If they took the time to share their thoughts with me, I would take the time to let them know it wasn’t ignored.

Closing Thoughts

As this class comes to a close, I find myself leaving with much more knowledge than I had expected to gain when I began. I have been introduced to many new individuals who I look forward to following as I move forward with my career.


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