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One technology that I was introduced to this year in my EMTH 317 class was TodaysMeet.

TodaysMeet is a service that allows for conversations to take place in a quiet setting. When one goes to TodaysMeet, they have the option to create a chat room with a custom domain extension. Students are then able to go to the link for the chat, sign in with their name, then be involved in a chat with their classmates.

When we used this technology in EMTH 317, we would log in while watching different videos to share our thoughts. This allowed for thoughts to be shared without speaking out loud and disturbing others. As I enter my internship this Fall, I look forward to using this technology with my students. By requiring the students to log in under their own name and share their thoughts throughout whatever presentation is being observed, it would ensure that students are staying on task and sharing legitimate thoughts, not just messing around. TodaysMeet can also be very useful for students who are usually shy allowing for their voices to be heard. This could also be useful within the staff to share thoughts during events such as professional development conferences. If this were the case, you could add a Twitter hashtag which allows for related information to be pulled in.

What benefits or issues might you see with using this technology?

Here is a video from eduTecherTV explaining how TodaysMeet works.



  1. reneeclemens says:

    I really like Today’s Meet! I’ve used it frequently in our school PD and have ever tried it in my class. For using it in a classroom setting, I found the greatest advantage to be that my more introverted students were answering and posing questions through their mobile phones. It was fantastic! I think this provides a great adaptation for those who are quieter or tend to be drowned out by extroverted students.
    Good post!

    • Allowing the introverts to stand out is definitely one of my favourite aspects of this technology, and I’m glad it worked in your case with PD at your school. It’s great how it can lead to communication while not disrupting what is happening in the class!

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