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We All Have Bad Days…


For those of us going into internship, I feel that it is inevitable that all of us at one point or another will have what we may consider to be a bad day. This can also be true to our students. When this day comes, I’m sure that we all will have different ways to face what is ahead.

Personally, this is what I do to deal with my bad days. Shane Koyczan, who I posted about previously, has a poem named Instructions for a Bad Day. For me, listening to this poem is a perfect release of frustration that allows me to carry on with my day. The poem states that there will be bad days, but it is very important that we deal with these properly and move on.

I am very interested to know what sort of coping mechanisms others have to deal with these issues as they arise.



  1. brettenyoung says:

    In my pre-internship, I had a 2 or 3 “bad days” where the lessons that I had worked so hard on didn’t go as I had planned, or my co-op was not happy with the way the class went, etc. Going into pre-internship, I was not expecting this at all. I was thinking everything would go the way I wanted it to-not reality at all!
    Thankfully, my advisor gave me some great advice. I was explaining to him my struggles, and I was almost in tears. Of course, I was embarrassed to be in tears in front of a man I had just met. He said to me so genuinely, “Bretten, we all cry. In education, there are days that we ALL cry.”
    This made me feel better. I thought about him, who was a “pro” teacher in my eyes, and realized that many years ago, he was in my exact spot-upset that things were not going his way, and look at where he is now.
    I know when I go into my internship, there will be ‘bad days.” I also now know that it is normal to have these days. I know I will picture myself sitting in that chair in front of my advisor, and hearing his words of advice. These “bad days” are the days we learn from the most.

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