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Podcasts as Storytellers



Following the Live Session by Alan Levine in our ECMP355 class about storytelling, I begin to try and think of ways that I experience storytelling in my own life.

One of my favourite ways to pass time is by listening to podcasts. Podcasts allow me to listen to lengthy programs while still being able to complete tasks in my busy life. While I do listen to several podcasts which appeal to my personal interests – such as mixed martial arts, movies, and video games – there are several ways that I can see podcasts being useful in the educational and storytelling context.

A favourite podcast of mine involves TEDTalks, especially the TEDTalks Education channel. TED is a traveling conference that focuses on the concept of “Ideas worth spreading”. Many of the talks involved in these podcasts can cast a very different light on a variety of areas that one may have not considered before.

Now, as a storytelling device, I subscribe to many podcasts that focus on this area specifically.

One of the main podcasts is This American Life, a podcast distributed by Public Radio International. A new episode is released every week covering a wide range of topics. My absolute favourite episode is entitled Middle School. This episode deals with several aspects of dealing with issues that face students experiencing middle school. These issues include moving away, being popular, and the always dreaded school dance. As a future middle-years teacher, I personally look forward to dealing with these matters in my future classroom.

Finally, one of the podcasts that I listen to the most is entitled The Tobolowsky Files. This podcast, also now distributed by Public Radio International, is a recounting of actor Stephen Tobolowsky‘s life. Tobolowsky, along with David Chen, take listeners on a journey of “life, love and the entertainment industry” which is immediately captivating.

While podcasts do not appear as a traditional storytelling method, they can serve just as good of a purpose, if not better. Having the raw, audible tone of the storytellers voice can convey a much different message than reading from a book.

I am interested to know whether or not any readers subscribe to podcasts and if so, which ones.



  1. I’m a huge podcast listener. I love TAL as well as CBC Spark. I also think podcasting is a great way to share ideas. I quite love the conversational/round table podcasts. I think listening to people just talk about things they are knowledgeable and passionate is about is great for learning and sharing.

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