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Tech Task #6 (Part 2) – What Would Lincoln Tweet and Twilight Zone Poetry


For the second activity of this Tech Task, I decided to try two assignments on DS 106. The first assignment was What They Might Have Done In Social Media. This assignment required me to go to a template named Twister, which allows for the user to create a fake Twitter account for a famous person in history. There is also the option to do this for Facebook called FakeBook. For my fake tweet I decided to take on the persona of Abraham Lincoln, or @HonestAbe:

HonestAbe Fake Twitter

I found this activity particularly interesting as it allowed me to be very creative. This could be a very fun activity to do with students, especially if combined with a research project about famous historical figures.

The second assignment I completed was Poem Made With Twilight Zone Episode Titles. By using this Google Doc, I was able to have a bank of episodes to make into a poem and this is what I created:

Twilight Zone Poem

With this assignment, it can allow students to be very creative, but at the same time it can be very difficult. I found myself struggling to create my own poem and it took a considerable amount of time.


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  1. Haha love your Twister account! Very creative 🙂

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