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My “Go-To” Technology


One of the main things that George Couros mentioned in his presentation to our ECMP 355 class is that he has several “go-to” technologies and that got me thinking about what mine are.

Networking Screenshot

This is easily the most used folder on my iPhone. I greatly enjoy social networking and all that it comes with. While Facebook is used mainly for personal purposes, Twitter serves many more purposes for me. Twitter is my primary news source. I follow many sources such as CNN, the Leader Post, and CBC.

Along with Twitter, I previously mentioned that I often use YouTube as a news source. Using channels such as The Young Turks, I am able to catch up on what happened in the news in a matter of minutes.

I am very interested to know what other people have as their “go-to” technologies. How do you stretch beyond the standards such as Facebook and Twitter.



  1. brettenyoung says:

    Hi Matt. Like you, Facebook and Twitter are two of my “go-to” apps. I also use Pinterest a lot, as there are many great ideas relating to education and teaching. Other “go-to” apps on my iPhone would be PS express to edit images, Instagram, iTube, and Nike+ to keep track of my running.

  2. Marley Riddell says:

    Facebook and Twitter seem to be my bigger ones for news as well. Since this class I have also been going on Google+ and Blogger quite a bit as well. Another one of my top go to’s is Pinterest.

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