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Tech Task #5 – All About Me


I think it is safe to say, that at almost anyone has “Googled” themselves at least once in their life. A search of my own name yielded these results:

Google Screenshot

My top search results only have a few links relative to me. The first result is my personal Twitter account, where I follow personal interests rather than education-based accounts. The next three links have absolutely nothing to do with me. I do not have an account with LinkedIn, and the Facebook account is someone else with the same name. The fifth result is my Facebook. My Facebook account is relatively locked down, only showing things that I “like”, such as music and movies, and my profile picture. While many of the top Google results for my name are not actually me, at least I do not share the same name as an arsonist, like my good friend Krysten Nixon.

These results are not the most desirable to create my online identity for those around me. While my first name is extremely common, my last name is not. This makes it particularly unique that I find others with the same name. Ideally, there are more things that I would like in my Google results are my professional Twitter, my blog and my newly created page. Having more results that are actually me, and not someone with the same name, would limit confusion and make it clear who is me.

I feel that creating an page will be a great hub for viewers to be redirected to my various online identities to learn more about me. Having the option to e-mail will also allow for people to get in contact with me which can open a world of new opportunities.



  1. I believe everyone should be on top of this. I don’t think it is necessarily something to be obsessive about but certainly be aware. Sometimes people with very common names get a bit of a break because people will assume there are others with the same name. I have no issue because my name is so unique. You’d likely fall into the middle ground and in some ways more apt to confusion about who the real Matt Giesbrecht really is. (Fun fact: my grandmother’s maiden name was Giesbrecht)

  2. […] completing Tech Task #5, I was amazed with how easy it was to create an page. I had been meaning to create an […]

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