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Tech Task #2 – Googlicisousness (Part 2)



For my Exploring Google aspect of this Tech Task, I decided to look into the Google-Tool of Google Calendar. As I enter my fourth year of schooling at the University of Regina, I find myself leading a very busy lifestyle. Between school, work and extra-curriculars, I can sometimes have a difficult time remembering what is going to happen on what days. Right now, my iPhone serves as my primary organizer as I always have it on me. Since the iOS Calendar app is rather simple, I am always looking for a fresh alternative.

iOS Calendar

There are many aspects of Google Calendars that appeals most to me does so because of the struggles of a university student: it’s free. Yes, that’s right. 100% free. On a less trivial note, a major reason of why Google Calendar stands out as a valuable asset to me is because of the ability to share calendars. In my future classroom, I can see this as being extremely useful. By having the ability to share calendars created within the application, I can have the calendar available to be viewed by both parents and students. Students and parents can often respond to missing or late assignments by saying that they did not know it was due or because of a missing information sheet. With this calendar being available online, it can be viewed at all times. As an added bonus, since this calendar would be digital it could be altered as needed to accommodate for changing due dates or updated information.

In terms of its value to myself, Google Calendar can be useful in several ways. The ability for the application to send reminders through SMS, email, or to the application can provide the opportunity to limit the possibility of a forgetful mind. Google Calendar also has the great ability to sync across many devices. This means that my calendars and reminders can be available anywhere and at anytime.

Overall, I look forward to experimenting with Google Calendars and I am very excited to see the role that this application can play in my future classroom!


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