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Tech Task #1 – Who Are You?


Hello, everyone!

My name is Matt Giesbrecht and here is some information about myself!

This is me when I was young…

Young Matt

… And this is me now.

UFC Expo

I am in the Middle Years Program at the University of Regina and just completed my third year. I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to complete my two pre-internship experiences this year in very different settings. The first was a two-week block at Indian Head High School teaching Grade 9 and the second was three weeks at St. Timothy Elementary School with a Phys. Ed. specialist. This was a particularly interesting experience as it allowed me to teach every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

I was born and raised in Regina and hope to remain here once I complete my degree, provided I can find employment. I went to Dr. Hanna Elementary School and Thom Collegiate before coming to the U of R. I was heavily involved in high school with the Student Representative Council, concert and jazz bands, volleyball, basketball, and many other groups. For the past five years I have worked at Laser Quest in Regina where I am the Assistant Manager. This role has provided me with several teaching experiences, as we provide educational opportunities for school, church and youth groups throughout the course of the year. I have also worked at the YMCA of Regina in the After The Bell Program which provided activities for students for several hours after school.

Laser Quest FOH

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. One of the best traveling experiences was in the 9th Grade when I traveled to Japan as part of an Exchange Group. This was a fantastic experience as I was able to live in a new culture, learn many new customs and get to know a new family. Most recently, I traveled to Las Vegas with my Dad last summer to take in a weekend of festivities and fights from the UFC at UFC 148. This is an experience that I am looking forward to renewing in June when I travel to Winnipeg to take in another UFC event, UFC 161.

UFC 148 Live in Vegas

Recently, I have taken a great interest in improving my physical fitness. One of the workouts that I enjoy most is through combatives. Late last year I was involved in a Krav Maga class, which is a form of self-defense and fitness hybrid. It was a very intense workout, but extremely fun. More recently, I have joined a Kickboxing Fitness class at my gym which fulfills my needs for exercise and desire to hit something in a face-paced, fun environment. I have also recently taken an interest in running and have signed up for several long distance runs to develop this facet of my fitness.

Going forward, I am very excited to see where this class takes me and very interested to know how technology can play a role in my future classroom!



  1. reneeclemens says:

    Hey there!
    A few things I want to say:
    1 – It’s cool you went to Thom, I’m a Thom grad myself (2006)! I was SRC president and played basketball there. Then right after I convocated from university I taught a maternity leave there. Great place!
    2 – I trained in Krav for a year and LOVED IT! Now that I’ve moved it’s no longer an option for me, but it is seriously one of the best things in the world. Enjoy!
    Anyways, glad to know ya and looking forward to working together in this class!

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