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Taking Action: To This Day Anti-Bullying Project


One of my greatest guilty pleasures (a term which I have come to loathe as there should not be any guilt attached to something that brings one joy) it poetry. One of my favourite poets is a Canadian named Shane Koyczan (@koyczan on Twitter).

I have watched and listened to a considerable amount of Koyczan’s work over the past year and many of his poems have appealed to me for a variety of reasons. Aside from simply evoking several different emotions in his words, I respect Koyczan for several initiatives that he has taken to give back and help the community. The first of these projects that I witnessed was called “Instructions for a Bad Day – Pink Shirt Day Student Collaboration”. The videos below display Koyczan explaining what this project is and the end product.

Recently I came across Koyczan’s call for assistance in a new initiative: To This Day Project. This project is a fantastic, crowd-sourced attempt at bringing animators together to draw attention towards the issue of bullying and accompany Koyczan’s poem of the same name. The words in “To This Day” deliver a powerful message regarding the level of bullying that is present in our schools today. Koyczan also makes a point to expand on how the effects of bullying can extend beyond the classroom and stay with victims for their entire lives.

I greatly appreciate all that Shane Koyczan has done as an activist for change through his various projects and look forward to seeing the end result of “To This Day”. Information on the Project and a free download of the poem are available at the link below.


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