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ECS 311: What Is Pedagogy?


Pedagogy is the process of how content is taught and how the students learn. Over the past two-and-a-half years, I have been exposed to a wide variety of pedagogical theories and practices to use in my own classroom. After reviewing each of these practices, I have found one that works best for me in my own teaching.

In my mind, I feel that the best way for a teacher to develop their own pedagogical practice is through gaining experience in the classroom and shaping their own ideals. I firmly believe that I learned more through my two weeks in the classroom during my Fall 2012 semester than I had in my entire university career. Although a combination of all the teachings on pedagogy in numerous classes was very useful, the hands-on experience was much more beneficial. I entered my classroom with a pre-determined idea of how I would lead the class, but that was quickly disregarded and I began to form my own process for teaching.

The process of how students learn covers a very wide spectrum. Multiple intelligences are the key reason that these differences are present. Many students learn in many different ways, such as spatially, musically, bodily-kinesthetic, amongst several others. In order to instruct all students at their optimal level, teachers must appeal to all intelligences. While this may be difficult to achieve, it is of great importance that all students have the best and most equal opportunity to learn.

These two areas, how content is taught and how students learn, must find a middle-ground in the teacher’s mind in order to establish an effective pedagogical theory and practice within their classroom to optimize learning.


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